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ISO containers are standardized re-usable steel shipping enclosures, designed for safe, efficient, and secure storage and movement of goods.

There are a number of ISO standards that regulate many aspects of freight containers from the classification, dimensions, to corner fitting specifications, to hooks for lifting the containers, to the markings/identification on the container. These standards make transportation and handling simpler and standardized. Standard footprints of these containers for use as data center modules are: 20 ft and 40 ft.

  • Dimensions
    Length: 6.50m - 13.00m Width: 3.70m Height: 3.00m-3.40m
  • Rack Space
    6-12 racks with 42U x 800mm
  • Rack Load
    5-10 kW / Rack
  • Cooling System
    Chilled Water System with downflow cooling units. N+1 Redundancy with SAS (Smart Alternation System).
  • Power
    - 380/400V three-phase - five-wire system
  • UPS System
    Rated Capacity: 30/60/120 kW 15-20 minutes
  • Fire Suppression
    Novec 1230
  • Smoke Detectors - VESDA
    Smoke detectors and early warning detection system
  • Floor, Walls and Doors
    Floor: Anti-Static vinyl floor Raised floor with tiles Walls and Doors: F90 RC4
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